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Making organisations work for everyone

Successful collaboration enables teams to achieve more innovative, more robust and more effective change outcomes. It is fuelled by aligned objectives, clear decision-making and inspiring leadership.

Our principled collaboration approach is built on five principles which together provide a framework for productive, focussed co-operative effort.

We have helped people and organisations to work together more effectively, building on their strengths.

Within or across teams, departments or organisations, we mediate, facilitate and accelerate positive change through collaboration.

Collaborative Change

People work hard at getting good at what they do. Change moves them outside their ‘comfort zone’, which can be either exciting or scary. Collaborative change engages and builds on the strengths and values of organisations and their people. Change which grows from and is grounded in the current organisation narrows the gap between decisions and successful implementation.

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Mapping Leadership™

A key element of leadership is the ability and willingness to inspire others. Any individual in any role can inspire others - colleagues or customers - by the choices they make. Organisations and individuals benefit when people are ambitious about how their leadership and collaborative abilities can help to deliver shared organisational values and goals.

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Decision Making

Many factors can influence our decision-making without us even being aware of them. The way we ask questions, and seek and evaluate information can be impacted by our habitual responses. With awareness of and attention to these habits and their effects, we can help you to frame questions and evaluate solutions with clarity.

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